Congratulations to our New Moderators!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by PhoenixStudios, Mar 27, 2016.

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  1. PhoenixStudios

    PhoenixStudios Community Manager Penguin


    Let's get straight to it: we had so many brilliant applications this term, and we had a very tough job deciding on who should've been given mod - the staff talked for literally hours, debating back and forth, and we almost reached a stalemate about it. That's how close it was this year.

    Congratulations to our new Moderators! -

    • RazerH
    • Dusty
    • Gleba
    Your new moderator ranks will be given to you later in the day, and you will be added to our relevant staff communication channels. ... (*cough* Skype *cough*).

    I want to take this opportunity to congratulate every single one of you that applied. The election was very close, and we took the election into account massively when we were discussing potential staff. We appreciate the work you all put in to making applications, and we value your contribution to the server's life.

    This election was all about dedication: we hope we now have a sustainable staff team that can help us progress this year more than we ever have these past 3/4 years. We all need to work hard to give BuildCraftia the attention & publicity it deserves.

    Remember to congratulate our new moderators! ;)
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  2. ItsAZZA

    ItsAZZA BuildCraftia Owner Staff Member Administrator Owner

    Congratulations to all new staff members! :penguin:
  3. Kellie

    Kellie Member Retired Staff

    Congratulations to you all ^-^
  4. Quicksteve

    Quicksteve Supreme Overlord Penguin Staff Member Administrator Owner Moderator Event Winner Penguin

  5. LordN826

    LordN826 Well-Known Member

    Congrats you guys!
  6. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    Congrazioni, miei amici :D
  7. NapkinDabber

    NapkinDabber Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Nice going Gleba!
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  8. Acer2332

    Acer2332 Active Member

    Yay ^.^ congratulations to all the new mods :)
  9. Kashers

    Kashers Social Tiger Penguin Retired Staff

    Congrats lads! :penguin:
  10. DoctaCirno

    DoctaCirno Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Congratulations, and gl with all the work! xp
  11. epikplayer

    epikplayer Active Member Penguin

    Congrats, our old staff!
    But the real congrats goes to our new staff members: Gleeba!
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  12. Acer2332

    Acer2332 Active Member

    [+ a person who's been on the server since Tuesday last week :D]
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  13. Dusty

    Dusty Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    Thank you, everyone!
  14. Kashers

    Kashers Social Tiger Penguin Retired Staff

    I was expecting a comment like this. We chose him not because of how long he has been on the server, but because of dedication and maturity he has shown so far. Now we knew no matter what decision we made, someone would be upset, but we saw great potential in Gleba and we believe he fits the position greatly. I do not want to see anyone getting upset at Gleba for a staff decision. Now if you'd like to rant on about Gleba only being here for a week, just consider both his application and maturity over lets say someone who gets in fights easily (Not targeted). It came down to who seems dedicated and who shows maturity. The staff team took hours deciding staff and the new staff were hand picked due to their qualities. And maybe you didn't mean this comment in a negative way, I just want the community to also understand the situation.

    Also, the phrase still applies:
    "Everyone, no matter if they donated or not has the same exact chance as someone who has."

    If you have anymore concerns, please message a staff member and please, for the love of god do not argue about this topic here. Thank you.
  15. Nine_Terasu

    Nine_Terasu Lover. Admin. Buttstabber. Retired Staff

    Congrats Gleba and Hespy!

    Congrats dusty smh
  16. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    I can back this up, it was like a 5 hour call or somethin
  17. Dusty

    Dusty Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    Well at least you said congrats to me...
  18. Gleba

    Gleba Member Retired Staff

    Thanks everyone for your support, I was skeptical about the idea of becoming a mod due to the time that I had played but I believe I will be able to assist the server in continuing to maintain a happy community through out my time here. I'm glad I could obtain this opportunity ^^
  19. TomBoiiWolfie

    TomBoiiWolfie Well-Known Member

    congratulations everyone :'D<33333
    y'all look mighty fine in &b&l
  20. Acer2332

    Acer2332 Active Member

    I wasn't intending it as an insult; from the small chats we've had recently, I completely think he fits the role perfectly. In retrospect, the comment I made does seem sarcastic.
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