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  1. MattyC

    MattyC What is life Retired Staff

    Dear BuildCraftia Community

    I am writing to you today in the run up to christmas, one week today to ask you to shed a thought for the people all around us who are not as privileged as all of us to be waking up on christmas morning to presents, some who may not even be able to access a computer like all of us here

    This year millions of children across the world will be waking up without presents under their tree and us at buildCraftia want to help change that no matter how small pennies make pounds and every little helps when it comes to helping other all around us.

    How are we going to help ?

    Us here at BuildCraftia are going to donate 50% of all excess donations this christmas to various charities, in order to increase our donations we are going to be launching a 50% off sale this christmas to not only help all of you get that pet, trail or rank that you have been wishing for but to also increase the amount that we will donate to charity.

    I thank you on behalf of everyone at BuildCrafita for your generosity and thought for others at this time of year and ask you to share a thought for everyone on christmas morning as you are opening all of your present for all of the other children close or far who will be waking up to nothing.

    If you would like to suggest a charity for the excess donations to go towards please feel free to leave a comment

    Thank you and Merry Christmas

    The Sale is now live on the store and 50% of all excess donations for the month of December will be donated to charities
  2. Kashers

    Kashers Social Tiger Penguin Retired Staff

    This is for a wonderful cause since millions of kids don't ever get presents, and by donating in the shop ( we will transfer 50% off your donating to a charity to make this their best Christmas ever!! Remember there is a 50% off sale!

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  3. yvagary

    yvagary Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    Great idea, Matty! Keep up the great work :) Merry Christmas everyone!!
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  4. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    (if I can convince my parents) I'll donate some money

    Buon natale :D
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  5. Dry

    Dry Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Will it be on till the 30th?
  6. MattyC

    MattyC What is life Retired Staff

    Will be onto the 31st :)
  7. athletedan

    athletedan Active Member

    I was planing on donating for contributor but now im thinking about mvp or premium! Yay discounts :p

    Just donated for premium! Merry christmas everyone!
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  8. MacMeBenny

    MacMeBenny Founder Retired Staff

    Thanks! Enjoy your rank! :)
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  9. Lee

    Lee Well-Known Member

    This is such a great thing! I will try to donate, but I don't know if my parents will let me >:
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  10. NapkinDabber

    NapkinDabber Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Yey beans this is awesome guys!
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  11. KillzamZ

    KillzamZ Active Member

    Well I never thought I could say this...
    I have every single pack from the store.........
    (I think at least)

    Thanks Matty and Buildcraftia!
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  12. athletedan

    athletedan Active Member

    Yay discounts rule! Cherity rules too! Two in one oh yaaaa babyyyy
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  13. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Penguin Retired Staff

    Hiss double post
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  14. ItsAZZA

    ItsAZZA BuildCraftia Owner Staff Member Administrator Owner

    Just wait for the new survival things... ;)
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  15. AardonyxHD

    AardonyxHD Active Member

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  16. Ryan3419

    Ryan3419 Active Member Retired Staff

    This is a great idea, its a good chance to get something from the store you are wanting but in doing so you will be helping to make someone elses' Christmas a good one!
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  17. yvagary

    yvagary Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    psst if you're looking for charities I suggest JDRF k thx ily <3
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  18. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Penguin Retired Staff

    Please donate to the "Free the Kid's Charity", I will love you if you do that
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