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    The server has got more new players lately than in a long time and the need for staff members is growing. I want to quote Napkin’s post from the forums this morning:

    “I remember when I was a gray player. Everyone does. Cause that's your default rank upon joining the server..... Something I notice when new players join is that they are more likely to respond to a staff member that welcomes them as opposed to another member. With big bold names separating the staff ranks from the other ranks, it’s easy for new players to determine who's who almost immediately. A staff member can easily be confided with, as they represent safety, trust, and maturity, while normal members (especially donators) cannot be trusted by these new players as easily because they do not have a set of principles to follow like a staff member does. I just feel as though a staff member who takes the proper steps of interacting with a new player will help them settle in easier and potentially stay for awhile since the interaction will leave a good first impression from a (what should be) very important player.”

    At the moment, there’s really no key differences between admins and moderators. Moderators’ job is to moderate server, help new players and so on. Admins just have a few more commands that they can use and do the exactly same stuff.

    I feel like we could transfer some of these commands to the Moderator group and make Admin into something different. Admins should be working on new server features, more “behind the scenes” also not forgetting the moderating part. Admins also work to help Moderators with whatever they might need and cannot do by themselves.

    Because of all this, we have decided to move all current staff to the Moderator rank and have a clean slate for the “new” admin rank.

    We are also going to bring back Helper. Our idea was to open staff applications and get a few new Helpers to strengthen our staff team for summer. Helper rank would work as before, as a training and learning rank. If the player or us feel like they do not fit into the position, we can demote them back to their original rank.

    What comes to the Admin rank, we will be promoting staff members at some point. The staff members who dedicate their time more into the development rather than just moderating are going to be promoted to Admin. We wanted to make a more clear separation to the two ranks.

    Should you have any questions, please let us know.

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