Calling all redstoners, and firework crafters!

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  1. OptimusZambie

    OptimusZambie Active Member

    Who are we? BC Fireworks & Co. is a company built on redstoners and firework crafters. We need members to join and like the idea that the two occupations can work together.
    Where are we located? To check out our modern style building type /p visit OptimusZombie 4 (or 5 because sometimes it changes, glitches...) Our building consists of 3 floors of office space, one lounge, on lobby, one classroom, one meeting room, and two floors of executive areas as well as a massive laboratory tower connected to the building. We also have a state of the art elevator built by SnowDaPro.
    Why do we need people? BCFC needs people who are moderate to good at redstone or fireworks, the redstoners will build firework rigs and the crafters will design fireworks. We also will have certain people who are good with the redstone have insight on what they want to see happen in the displays. The displays can be used for events of any sort and are not to be abused. As earlier today (2-13-16) I lagged out a few players and got banned for the day. We plan to stay as lagless as possible and will enforce the use of fireworks strictly.
    How and when do I apply? We have a set date for tomorrow for applications any time I or epikplayer are online. If you can't make it to tomorrow any other day on the weekends (and monday the 15th) are acceptable, just ask. When you apply you don't need to come prepared, you will be ran through a set of tasks based on what you are applying for.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What are the jobs? Below is a list and their description.
    Rig Expert: Builds firework rigs.
    Firework Designer: Designs and crafts fireworks.
    Artistic Visions Department: Designs a show, theme, setting, and colors.
    There will only be one of each jobs below
    Manager: Enforces firework usage limitations and manages projects.
    Accountant: In charge of taking in project requests, note that some projects can be denied.
    Secretary: Works as a servant for the Owner and Co-Owner
    Receptionist: Runs the front desk, directs people, and helps visitors and workers who have questions.[​IMG]
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  2. epikplayer

    epikplayer Active Member Penguin

    I'm the co-owner and i totally approve of this. :D

    If you need any extra info, I'm the Head Fireworks Engineer, working at the highest level, supervising fireworks crafting, shows, and rigs. I'd be glad to help anyone, as I have plenty of experience with shows (See Disneyland Forever Threads) (Designing, rigging, and crafting)

    I will also take complaints and suggestions to take to the supreme leader opti

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