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    Created by the BuildCraftia Development Team, endorsed by the BuildCraftia Staff Team on Nov 13th, 2015. Any changes made to the rules after date were approved by the Development Team.

    ✪ General Information
    These rules has been made by the BuildCraftia Administration Team and BuildCraftia staff has approved them to use.

    All rules that are listed on this thread are now in effect as of November 13th, 2015 and apply to everyone playing in the BuildCraftia Server Network. The rules apply in the BuildCraftia Minecraft servers, as well as BuildCraftia Forums and other internet services provided by the BuildCraftia Administration Team (including, but not limited to,

    Playing on BuildCraftia means that you have read these rules and you have understood them. We hope everyone reads these rules to avoid being kicked, muted or banned. If any of these rules needs to be changed, removed or modified in the future, BuildCraftia Administration Team has the full rights to do so. BuildCraftia Administration Team also has the duty to inform players about changes made in these rules.

    Using alternate accounts to avoid punishments in the server, or in the Forums is strictly forbidden. If a player is caught doing so, the punishment may extend and the alternative account will be permanently banned.

    ✪ Respect all staff members
    All decisions made by the BuildCraftia Staff Members are considered as final. You should always follow what a Staff Member says. Therefore, please do not argue about punishment made by any of our staff members. Complaining about decisions may lengthen the punishment.

    If you feel like your punishment isn’t up to the standards, please contact the Administration Team on the Forums. Bypassing your ban will always lead to a ban of the alternative account.

    On the forums, we may lock or remove threads which publicly complain, shame or rage about BuildCraftia’s Staff Members. At worst, the player can be muted or banned from the BuildCraftia Server Network, Forums and Discord.

    ✪ Respect all users
    Respect all users, this is the number one rule in BuildCraftia. We have zero-tolerance in player harassment and bullying. We want to create a safe environment for everyone to play and to have fun in. Be respectful and kind to each other when playing on BuildCraftia.

    On the Forum side, do not write something that will be considered rude; it hurts someone’s feelings in the end. Violating this at any ways is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

    We will NOT allow the following:

    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Ageism
    • Remarks about disabilities
    • Attacking others' religion
    • Any other kinds of discrimination
    • Phrases related to or known as phrases of Nazism, or other discriminatory/hate groups

    You are allowed to speak in different languages than English in BuildCraftia. However, keep in mind that most of our staff (and players) speak English as their first language, so when speaking to them it is recommended to use English. All of our rules do apply to other languages as much as they do for English. Breaking the chat rules in any language will lead into punishment.

    Blackmailing other players is strictly not allowed and will be punished with a permanent ban.

    ✪ Advertising is not tolerated
    Advertising other servers on the BuildCraftia Network or Forums will result in a ban from the Network and the Forums. Advertising can be sharing an IP or a website (other than BuildCraftia related) in public chat, messages, pet names, signs, books… et cetera.

    Sharing YouTube (and other) links is allowed on BuildCraftia. However, if the link contains information about another server than BuildCraftia, or if it’s generally rude or offensive, it will not be tolerated and will result in punishment.

    Advertising other servers ALWAYS results in permanent ban.

    ✪ You are responsible for your own account
    Any security breach made by a family member, friend, or random stranger is on you. The BuildCraftia Network does not take responsibility for your security on your Minecraft accounts or forum account. If a rule is broken, that account will be disciplined and punished. No exceptions, no explanations. You alone are responsible for what happens on your account.

    ✪ Do not impersonate or “pretend to be someone”
    Impersonating is a serious offense on the BuildCraftia Server Network, and we don’t take this lightly at all. If you witness someone impersonating a staff member, or anyone in the server, please contact a staff member immediately, so we can take an action as soon as possible. Impersonating a staff members on the forums or in the server is not allowed.

    All staff members have bold names in different colors, according to the rank. Here's all of our staff ranks:

    • Moderators have a bold bright blue names: Moderator
    • Administrators have bold salmon color: Administrator
    • Owners have bold red color: Owner
      • ItsAZZA & Quicksteve

    ✪ Do not spam or use excessive capital letters
    Spamming is not allowed. Spamming can be classified as spam includes, but is not limited to, posting the same or similar messages consecutively, a repetitive numbers of times within the time of a few seconds. Spam can also be classified as chatting with one word per message in repetition, creating a wall of text from one player. Messages containing large amounts of caps is considered spam. Spamming on the Forums is not tolerated; spamming posts, threads or conversations will get you permanently banned from the Forums.

    ✪ Profane language and content is forbidden
    In BuildCraftia, swearing is allowed to an extent. You are allowed to sometimes use a curse word to bring up your feelings, for example. Keep in mind, we do have young players on our server network, who should not use or see such language.

    Promoting substances that are illegal in some parts of the world (e.g. drugs) should not be meantioned or promoted in any server chat (public, messages, mail or party).

    Links and talking about adult-content is strictly forbidden in any server chat (public, messages, mail or party). This includes hinting to sexual actions and content. We have young playerbase who should not see these kinds of things.

    Profanity targeting other players is strictly forbidden, and will lead into punishment, as we have zero tolerance on bullying. Profane or offensive pet names will not be tolerated, either.

    Using profane language in the forums is forbidden. Posts using this kind of language will be cleaned or removed entirely. If the violation is severe, the account might be banned from the BuildCraftia Forums.

    ✪ Offensive skins are not allowed
    Skins that are offensive or sexually explicit are not permitted on the BuildCraftia Network. Everyone using a skin of such nature will be warned at first sight, but further consequences may follow if use of the skin is continued.

    ✪ Offensive usernames are not allowed
    Usernames that could be considered offensive like, sexual topics, bad words or distasteful are forbidden. If you don't follow that rule you will be permanently banned from the server. You may appeal your ban after you have changed your name, but this doesn’t ensure you will be unbanned.

    ✪ Offensive capes are not allowed
    Capes that are offensive or sexually explicit are not permitted on the BuildCraftia Network. Everyone using a cape of such nature will be warned at first sight, but further consequences may follow if use of the cape is continued.

    ✪ Illegal Client Modifications are strictly forbidden
    Use of modified or hacked clients is strictly forbidden in the BuildCraftia Server Network. Any modification that offers an unfair advantage is considered illegal. If caught using Hacked Clients or Modifications, will result in a permanent ban from BuildCraftia Server Network.

    You can find a list of specific mods which you can and can't use on the BuildCraftia Server Network in this thread provided by the BuildCraftia Administration Team.

    Allowed modifications are:

    • Optifine
    • Shaders
    • Armour Status, Effect Status, 5Zig PVP, Picklr or any other cosmetic GUI modifier
    • Minimap modifications (provided they do not have any options to show additional data such as players, entities or underground cave systems)
      • Minimaps are not allowed on the BuildCraftia Chaos Server
    • The Minecraft Replay Mod
    • PixelCam (on Creative)
    For a full list of Allowed Modifications, please check the thread explaining them from here.

    Disallowed modifications are (but not limited to):

    • Damage indicators
    • Kill Aura
    • Spider Hacks
    • Flying Hacks
    • Critical hacks
    • Macro and ‘Rave’ Mods
    • Any kind of Hacked Client

    Anyone using them will be dealt accordingly. No macros of any kind are allowed on the BuildCraftia Network due to the given advantages, for example, in the minigames.

    Please note that Owners can use macros and other kinds of mods to help with server side tasks, including but not limited to plot deleting, player banning and chat logging.

    ✪ Cheating or exploiting will get you banned
    This includes:
    • Using any form of a hacked or modified account that gives an unfair advantage against other players
    • Using any disallowed mods listed by the BuildCraftia Administration Team
    • Exploiting any kind of a bug or glitch
    • Exploiting any kind of a loopholes

    Instead, please report all bugs relating to the BuildCraftia Server Network in their appropriate “Bugs & Suggestions” -thread.

    ✪ Asking for promotions is forbidden
    Do not ask for promotions. The ranks on BuildCraftia are purely based on donations and that is generally the only way of achieving them. You can buy ranks and benefits from the BuildCraftia Server Shop at
    There are, however, some people who have been awarded a rank for their marvelous work for the BuildCraftia Community in the past. These promotions have been approved by the BuildCraftia Administration Team.

    BuildCraftia also offers its players competitions, which may contain prizes including ranks, coupons, pets, trails et cetera. All of these prizes have been approved by the BuildCraftia Administration Team beforehand. We are not responsible if someone else than BuildCraftia Administration Team gives out donating perks as prizes and fails to provide the product.

    ✪ Common sense
    We expect people to be able to understand when something they want to do is in the 'grey zone'. When in doubt, always contact a Staff Member first. Doing something obviously wrong just because it’s not listed in the rules is not a reason to consider and the act can be punished as any other rule violation.

    ✪ Survival Server
    One may demolish and raid (collect resources from chests and builds) a base if it's not claimed by the player. However, if a build is seemingly part of one's build, you are not allowed to do as described. Seemingly, means a part of a house, building or any structure. If there is space between the claim and the structure, such as a player made road, bridge or terrain, you have the rights to raid that build. Survival server is not Factions, but a somewhat peaceful PvE survival server and we want to give players a friendly playing environment. Please remember to respect others' builds and not to build too close to their place.

    ✪ Creative Server
    We have some rules in our Creative server that are not in the Network Rules. Please be sure to follow these rules when playing on Creative.

    • Griefing is not allowed
    • Do not build profanity (e.g. sexual topics)
    • Do not purposely lag the server (e.g. constantly running redstone contraptions)
    • Respect others' builds, don't take credit for something you haven't created
    • All rules listed previously apply on Creative as well.

    Should you have any questions about the rules, contact the BuildCraftia Administration Team.

    BuildCraftia Rules © BuildCraftia Server Network 2015-2017
    The BuildCraftia Server Network is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB. Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB.

    June 24th, 2016: Added a section for survival, updated the rules on survival
    August 5th, 2016: Changed Macro mods being allowed to only Owners
    September 9th, 2016: Clarified the "Allowed/Disallowed Mods" section
    October 19th, 2016: Clarified the "Profane Language and Content" section
    February 3rd, 2017: Removed the rule restricting WorldEdit usage for non-donors
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