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    It's here, the long waited BuildCraftia parkour. The game is now in open beta, so be careful there still might be some pesky bugs hiding in the code. If you come across any of them, please report them here in the forums!

    What is BuildCraftia Parkour all about?
    In BuildCraftia Parkour your challenge is to beat your opponent in different parkour maps. There can even be multiple opponents against you, so be the quickest because the loser gets nothing! If you come upon a iron pressure plate, it is considered as a checkpoint, so you'll spawn there if you fail after that point. The golden pressure plate is the end of the course and that's the place where you want to get.

    How do I get to play BuildCraftia Parkour?
    You can access the Parkour server by typing in /apitest 1337 and then selecting Parkour from the compass menu. The server changing is still under development, so there will be an easier way in the future. Stay tuned for that!

    Why is there so few maps?
    The game is on its first stage and we are looking for new maps. Do you have a good-looking map for Parkour? Submit it here in the Parkour forums under Maps.
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    There are currently three parkour game servers available, I'll add more once there is demand :)
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