BuildCraftia Moderator Voting Phase - Summer 2016

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  1. Nine_Terasu

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    We have a lot of good applications this time around!

    Probably the most stressful time of the staff selection process, now you can vote for who you think is the most eligible to be staff on the BuildCraftia Server Network. However, once again, there's a new way to vote for your favorite applicant, so listen close to what I'm about to say!

    - Before going to vote, you need to set up an account to be used at our new dedicated voting website. To do this, you need to log onto the server and type /player password, and then follow the directions the server gives you.

    - Using your Minecraft username and the information you received from /player password, you can go to and you will be prompted to log in before voting for your selected applicant.

    -The last part is easy; all you have to do is select from our wonderful list of applicants!

    Always remember to vote for who you think the title of moderator belongs to. This doesn't mean you should just vote for your best friend because they're cool, but you should vote for who you think will be best suited with the power and responsibility that comes with being a moderator.

    Remember to thank everyone who put the time and effort into making an application!

    If you need to read any of the applications over again, they can be found here :

    Good luck, everyone!

    (P.S. The chance to vote ends on Friday, 5 PM EST (9 PM GMT)).
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  2. ItsAZZA

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    To clarify, this is a directive voting. You can place your opinion, and it will show the staff who the community wants to be a moderator. However, we have the last say, who will get the position. Thanks for voting!
  3. yvagary

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    Good luck everyone! :D
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  4. FatherFan

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    Good luck everyone!
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  5. OptimusZambie

    OptimusZambie Active Member

    Good luck guys, if you applied and don't get it be glad that we have more faces on the staff team.
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  6. johnyman333

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    Good Lucksies Everyone!
  7. epikplayer

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    Good luck to everyone, I'm sure the staff choices must be good, because I'm not a candidate!

    Wish we could vote for 2 people because there are 2 positions open :/

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