BuildCraftia Moderator Applications - Summer 2016

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  1. Nine_Terasu

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    Hey guys!

    Yes, you read correctly, the staff application/nomination process has begun once again! A few things have changed since our last application process, so read carefully and be sure to make note of the changes that have been made.

    We are looking for individuals willing to donate their own free time to the server, and who are able to cooperate both with other staff members and with the community to come to conclusions. They need to be honest, hardworking, and have good problem-solving abilities.

    Before all you beautiful people go to make your mod apps, the following changes have been made to the prerequisites that need to be met in order for your application to be considered, and how the applications will be considered.

    - All applicants have to have been on the server for at least three months in order to be considered.

    - There is no specific age limit for the applications this time; the quality of both the applicant and the application will be judged.

    - Ranks will not/should not give anyone an advantage or disadvantage during the application and voting process.

    - Special attention will be given to the dedication the applicant has shown both in his/her application and his/her behavior on the server.

    We will be accepting two new staff members onto the team this time around.

    Before making your application, you should also know exactly what you are applying for. Being staff on BuildCraftia isn't a position that should be taken as lightly as a rank you can donate for, because it isn't just a rank that you can donate for. Staff members need to be dedicated, mature, and willing to dedicate their own free time to the server.

    The opportunity to apply will end on Tuesday, 9 PM GMT (5 PM EST).

    Those who get accepted will be trained by the admin team, which consists of PhoenixStudios, MinerAdAstras, and Nina_Terasu.

    Link to the sub-thread where you can post your applications found here :

    In honor of peaches16, the secret word is love.

    By request, I want to explicitly point out that being on the staff team isn't all good and fun times. In fact, most of the time it isn't and it is very stressful. I would know since I've been part of the staff team for over a year now. Even though a restatement of this may seem monotonous, it goes to show how important it is. We are looking for staff members willing to put in a long term commitment to the team. This is one of the most important points we are going to be considering when looking at the applications this time around.
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  2. Wordguy

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    Good luck to everyone who applies! :D
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  3. RazerH

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    Good luck everyone!
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  4. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Cow is going to apply again!!!!!!

    Only kidding

    -this is your que to laugh-

    In all seriousness best of luck to everyone and please if you become staff, don't pull a me and resign after 2 months. Not a good thing.
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  5. FatherFan

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    Good luck to everyone that applied/will apply!
  6. PhoenixStudios

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    (In all seriousness, good luck!)
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  7. JeremyC

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    Love that parks and rec gif
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  8. LordN826

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    Wow guys the first time after 8 applications that I won't be applying. It's sad how I lost a love for MineCraft and this server (Still love the server, not the game)
    Oh and good luck applicants!
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  9. Leverine

    Leverine New Member Penguin

    ya i dont think i will get picked, but fuck it

    im gonna apply
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  10. HestiaMinecraft

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    the origin of my application
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  11. DoctaCirno

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    protected by Reimu's Shitposts Co.
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  12. CJR329

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    Missed the apps again DANGIT, eh what am I gonna do :/

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