BuildCraftia Member on DramaAlert video #DramaAlert lmao

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bins, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Bins

    Bins Well-Known Member

    What is up BuildCraftia nation? I'm your host xXPussySlayerXx Let's get riigghtt into the news!

    So we don't have alot of news to cover today, but our first story is of an old BuildCraftia member on DramaAlert!
    Many of you may know him if you were on BC back in 2012/13, his name is JHBTeam.

    So on DramaAlert's newest video they show a screenshot of a LeafyIsHere subscriber count and the person who 'owns' the video is JHBTeam!


    Bit easier to see:

    So I checked out JHBTeam's videos just to make sure and he sounds exactly the same!

    Just a fun lil find!

    BuildCraftia Nation now at 7 members!
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  2. Kashers

    Kashers Social Tiger Penguin Retired Staff

    my avatar should be the news
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  3. Bins

    Bins Well-Known Member


    I found JHBTeam in another video uploaded today! lmao


    This time it's a FaZe Rain video.

    Damn JHBTeam is killing it
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  4. Kashers

    Kashers Social Tiger Penguin Retired Staff

    still think my avatar should be in the news
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  5. Bins

    Bins Well-Known Member

    Next issue :p I'll make it a daily thang
  6. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Penguin Retired Staff

    lmao, I remember JHBTeam. He was the most annoying kid back in 2012/2013, and boy, was he a squeaker!
  7. Dusty

    Dusty Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    Seriously? -.-
  8. FatherFan

    FatherFan Priest Mod combo Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    sigh, what a terrible place for a BC member to end up
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  9. Dry

    Dry Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    fuckin lucky shit
    I wanted to see Papa Keem
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