[Build Comp - 2019 February] Outer Space!

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    It's time for another Build Competition!
    It's been a while since we've had Build Comp, and now that Creative's back it's time for players to get back to building!

    This time, the theme for the competition is 'Outer Space'!
    Players will have two weeks (Starting today, February 8th) to build something relating to this theme. Keep in mind you can get creative with this, so have some fun! For more information on how to start or submit your builds, see below.

    The Prizes!
    The prizes haven't changed from the last competition, and are as follows:
    -$10 Coupon for shop.bcsn.us
    -1000 Fish
    -100 Reputation
    -'Event Winner' Tag on Forums/Discord
    -Added to the Contest Winners Warp!
    -Bragging Rights


    Important Info on Entering & Submitting here:

    • Contest Theme: Outer Space
    • Max plots: 1
    • Max players: 1
    • Plot world: Regular (80x80)
    • Plot theme: Optional
    • Comp Deadline: 22nd of February
    How do I submit my build?

    Add a comment in this contest's thread with the following information:

    • Builder(s) (Your ingame name)
    • Plot ID (use /plot info)

    Or, you can submit on the Discord by putting the same info as above. Please post in the #shameless_selfpromotion channel!


    • The build must follow the given theme
    • The build must have been built after this thread was posted
    • The build must follow the required amount of plots
    • One player may only participate in/submit one build
    • WorldEdit, custom armorstands and heads are allowed

    Good luck to anyone who submits :D

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    Good luck all contestants!
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