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Should Bomber Kit come back?

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  1. Wordguy

    Wordguy The Flash Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    Alright, so once again I'm going to attempt my endless crusade at #BringBackBomber, as I, among many others, believe the Bomber Kit to be the best kit that BuildCraftia has ever had in a minigame. Though many players may find this kit to be controversial or annoying, I believe that it is that aspect that makes Bomber best. In addition to this, the state of DTC in 2020 needs a shakeup, and I fully believe a Bomber return would help for this.

    Firstly, I would like to draw on my major point from the last time I launched a #BringBackBomber crusade. I stated, "Bomber helped add chaos to a game that's typically a quick and easy rush towards the core, mine it, and done." This point still rings true today, in a game that is scarcely populated, and overrun with people who select 1-2 basic kits. I don't think the community would disagree with me if I were to say that Valkyrie is the most popular kit, so much so that it needed to be nerfed down heavily. However, in most maps (See: Railcannon, Biomes II, Autumn II, Volcanic Island) a team with a Valkyrie can still quickly win the game. Full stop. There is no competition whatsoever, if your team has a Valkyrie, you are a hundred times more likely to win than your opponent. I don't view this as a fault of the Valkyrie Kit, but rather at the lack of a rival. As far as the other kits go, they are simply unable to stop the kit. Default is the worst possible kit, and forcing players to go through an upgrading system for it only makes new players feel outcasts and outranked below players who can knock them off bridges with Punch II bows while flying to their cores (But that's a debate for another time). I propose that Bomber Kit can be used as a natural rival to the Valkyrie Kit. Giving the Bomber Kit the tools to quickly make it large distances across the map and easily dispose of a large number of players can pose a serious threat against the Valkyrie Kit, and many other kits. However, doing this would also naturally give the Default Kit some more power, by allowing them to take on the enemies easily.

    Second, I would like to focus on the current state of Destroy the Core. Personally, I find myself often playing 1v1s or 2v2s with players on the server, with the occasional albeit rare occurrence of a 6 player game. This leaves the game open to a really systematic pattern of gameplay: Defend, offend, wait until gold, rush. I can't recall a single game from the last 2 years I have played that didn't use this strategy, other than maybe a few where a team got bored waiting. I believe that having a Bomber Kit could help shift this strategy. By adding a kit that could cause a lot of chaos and mayhem to both teams, it would give everyone time to think of new strategies that work beyond the common mold and fight in creative ways.

    Finally, I propose we add the Bomber Kit back simply because of how long DTC has gone without an update. Valkyrie Kit was added about 2 years ago, with smaller kits such as Medic on the side. The last major update I can recall is the addition of Upgradable Kits, which was back in 2017. That means by now, DTC has gone 2.5 years with only Map Updates being added. Even then, due to update issues, accepted DTC Maps haven't been able to be added to the game. I believe that adding a new Bomber Kit into the game would bring back some player's interest.

    (End rant)
  2. Lewis

    Lewis Active Member Retired Staff

    I kinda agree with this (after like 1000 years of opposition) - I always hated valkyrie for making the game so short, although bomber is frustrating I guess its just part of the game to be frustrated - and really, it makes it more enjoyable as people tend not to give up with bomber as I've seen people do with valk. It's like, oh... that guy with the elytra is over at my base... oh well...

    But, with bomber it's like oof explosion, exploder dies and thus you have to run to avoid them before they return to chaotically explode something again.

    Valk is about speed to win, bomber is about speed to avoid the bomber.

    Hope I've positively contributed to the suggestion

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