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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bins, May 3, 2017.

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    Alright so I just came on to check the forums today and saw Kashers post, so I guess you could say I copied him but no I didn't everyone does these but I figured I never had an actual formal farewell to you guys, and I doubt you care but, I hope you guys enjoyed whatever time we spent together :(

    Alright so, hello people :confused: as said above I'd like to give a proper goodbye to you guys because you deserve it.

    Where to start... I haven't been on the server in quite a bit and the most recent times I have were me just popping on for <2mins which is unfortunate. Main reason basically is, about a year ago I started taking CS:GO more seriously :)p Sounds silly but idc), I've really done well in that path so I've stayed on it and have spent around 2000 hours on it so far.

    But anyway, I really do miss the times I spent on BC, whether it be playing Slime Run with Dusty, Razer and Harry or just having casual skype calls with John. I joined BC around June 2012 and it sure has heck been one hell of an adventure, and I treasure every moment of it, I really do.

    Now I'm not going to go rant about the server or how it's being maintained and so forth because who cares guys, as long as it's being funded properly (I hope it is) it's all fine then.

    I know I haven't had much of an impact on the server as I'd like to have done, but I feel like $100+ in donations is more than enough to say thank you. I still am upset I never got Moderator though, applied about 4 times :cool:

    I'd like to finish this off with a personal thank you to some people I've met along the way,

    RazerH (craftman21)

    Dan, you're the person I've known the longest on the server. We've known each other for about 4 and a half years and that's stunning and I wish you the best in whatever you may be pursuing nowadays, probably architecture.


    John, you're single-handedly the funniest person I've met online. I've loved your comics since the start and I hope you pursue something in the comedy field because I know you'll do great.


    Yeah we've cracked alot of jokes about each other, but I doubt you've taken any of those to heart. Not sure what else to say about you besides that you always sound tired. GET SOME SLEEP WOMAN

    To anyone I missed, I'm sorry it's just the people I could think of in about 5 minutes but trust, I did like everyone on the server which is quite rare to find in a server nowadays.

    Anyways I'm out guys, will probably check this thread within the next 2-3 days but after that I doubt I'll be on the forums.

    If you want to still contact me: (Don't do much here)

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    Stay safe.
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  3. Dusty

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    boi you don't understand, I do sleep, IM JUST ALWAYS TIRED BECAUSE I NEVER GET ENOUGH!!! I blame school ._.
    but I'll miss you, you annoying, signature stealing hobo.
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  4. RazerH

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    if you're going to mention a cringy old username of mine, at least get it!
    anyway, peace!

    Sorry for the necropost staff members!
  5. FatherFan

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    Be good out there, and be sure to remember us later in life
  6. AffectedArc07

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    Good luck out there me lad

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