BCSN Valentines Day Cards

Discussion in 'Random' started by smallonion, Jul 31, 2018.

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    so you know those valentine cards that have quite sexual and adult humour on them??
    well me and a few others were thinking of some ideas for valentines cards having to do with bc
    i know it's early but better early than not early
    so here are some:

    "i'll destroy your core this valentines day" - me
    "i'll paint you with my balls" - napkindabber
    "call me paintball because i'll take a few years to come out" - me
    "i'd /vote for you" - knewnie
    "i'll destroy you like arcadia was" - me
    "you can break my BIG BLACK ball" - napkindabber
    "call me the automated messages because i'm useless and you'll ignore me in a few hours" (some of these aren't valentines day themed) - me
    "you can kick me like MacMeBenny was" - i forget who said this one

    there were more but they were sadly lost in chat,
    add any more ideas you have for things to send to our loved ones in this thread

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