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    Hello folks of BuildCraftia. It is I, NapkinDabber. I've been thinking a lot about how fun it used to be to create ACTUAL content for the forums in the past few years and I want to try it out again. I took inspiration from my dead boyfriend Kash and Olocool and their BC Blogs Series and I think I did something. I want to make this new series where I talk about BC. But I'm not just touching up on general events that occur on the server... oh no. I want to dive into some mysterious, minuscule, and even unnoticeable changes that happen on BC, and try to reach for a claim about the impact it could have on the server. A BC Theory, if you would. Now, keep in mind, I probably won't try to back up my claims with too much evidence, cause lets be real; it's not that deep. I'm not really attempting to pass on my ideas as "solid proof", but I believe these could be fun and short engaging discussions that really get players thinking.

    I will try my best to avoid directly referencing specific players in a negative light. Without further ado, I present to you, fellow forums member....
    BC Theories.jpg

    Theory 1: Staff + Grays = Increased Player Count

    I remember when I was a gray player. Everyone does. Cause that's your default rank upon joining the server..... Something I notice when new players join is that they are more likely to respond to a staff member that welcomes them as opposed to another member. With big bold names separating the staff ranks from the other ranks, its easy for new players to determine who's who almost immediately. A staff member can easily be confided with, as they represent safety, trust, and maturity, while normal members (especially donators) cannot be trusted by these new players as easily because they do not have a set of principles to follow like a staff member does. I just feel as though a staff member who takes the proper steps of interacting with a new player will help them settle in easier and potentially stay for awhile since the interaction will leave a good first impression from a (what should be) very important player.
    Why I bring this theory up is because right now, we are really down to one moderator, who is nice enough on his own, and gets online rather frequently, but there is nobody there to fill his gaps when he is offline. I just believe that having an extra staff member around to greet the newcomers and assist them with their prior questions will help to build a brand new generation of players who have plans for this server, since the players from my generation are fading away.... ; (

    Theory 2: Why switching to Orange is a good thing

    Why switch to an orange logo after BC's main colors were blue and white for so many years? Idk ask ur owners. This color change is weird. After being light blue for so long too. But you know, blue is such a safe color to use. It matches with literally every other color in existence and people know it too. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the color blue. But a lot of modern logos and advertising (including minecraft servers) use the color blue. It's safe, it's generic, and tbh it's kind of a cheap tactic to ensure that a design looks of some quality regardless of how unappealing everything else looks. To put things short, blue is such a neutral color. If every server uses it, it doesn't stick out as much.
    The color orange on the other hand, pops out broski. You see that mf tangerine with a penguin plastered in the middle and I guarantee you will click on it. Not only is the penguin design cute, but the color orange is a pretty warm and inviting color to use, and the combo of the cute penguin and lovely color really insists a player to click and join. And the color doesn't clash either. It really does complement the penguin design, even better than the light blue color, I think. Again, nothing wrong with blue, but blue kind of just tells new players "Ay, we're cool and professional"
    (which we are) but orange tells them "Join us, were stupid fun!!" without being too flashy and still being rather tasteful. Little kids will be attracted to bright colors, and older players can appreciate the thoughtfulness of the design. Everyone wins!

    Theory 3: Why BC Awards 2017 were cancelled

    I know I said I wouldn't talk about players but, its just Kashers. That's my homie til the end of time.

    So uh, BC Awards 2017, Kash began advertising the annual server event in November 2016, and made about 5 posts about it through December, and then disappeared from the planet on January. Kash claimed in his goodbye post that he "lost interest in the community" so he just left, but you know what he also said? "I primarily played online because of NapkinDabber" and wouldn't you know, I was by his side the whole time while he was planning the Awards, being his test dummy for the new BCA auditorium, and simply guiding him on what might be good ideas. We were both "incognito" where we had teleportation disabled and only talked through /msg. Kash didn't "lose interest in the community" the entire time he was building this thing. He was creating new things that weren't in previous awards shows that he thought the community might like. If anything this is the most involved he had been invested in the community since his days as a staff member.

    The BCA auditorium, seen by very few players.

    So why did Kashers give up this project that he was very passionate about? Why did he invest so much time into this and just stopped working on it? He finally reflected on his own behavior. That's why.

    Something was off about Kashers compared to other popular players on the server. You either really liked him or really hated him, but there were no neutral feelings for this kid. Kashers received a ton of backlash all the time for like, everything, and less commonly: overwhelming amounts of praise. And the boy fed on those reactions. He really did.
    The BC awards had something controversial happen 2 years in a row. Do you remember in 2015 when the chat was made toggleable so applause could be controlled during award announcements? Well Kashers basically cussed out an owner out when it didn't get toggled off quick enough and almost got an ass whooping on site! The voting for the best ship award was also rigged in his favor so he could win, which led to a week of death threats towards him and DustyAshton. In 2016 the awards were a little more fair in terms of voting mechanics, but then the categories had predictable winners (such as best comic maker) and instantly became a popularity contest which pissed a lot of community members off cause they felt a little less important. Yet the awards are still sought after by players, despite the shady business Kashers does with them. I just don't think Kashers was ready for more backlash in 2017 because he finally understood that he was impulsive and sneaky, and that the community would continue to dislike him even more if he kept it up. So he tried to cover it up by saying he was disinterested in the community, when really, the community was pretty disinterested in him. Wow.

    Those are all the theories for now... let me know what you think!
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    good post
    quality content
    more please
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    -cough cough- TNTMAN1289 is actually a tomato
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    Kash and I co-hosted the first BC Awards, but in the 2nd one we had a disagreemntt, so we both continued with our own version and temporarily there were 2 separate BC Awards going on all with their own forum posts. Funny how that kind of shit was dramatized
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