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    Over the weekend I was kind of struggling to find new things to talk about... and then I submitted my dtc map and now I have new things to talk about.


    Theory 1 - Certain DTC maps have been killed by kits

    Don’t kill me! This isn’t me trying to be slick and insulting kits. I actually think kits are fun and incorporate more strategy and teamwork into the game. But get this:

    In DTC 1.0, every map had a specific kit given to every player. The most memorable example I have is @knewnie ’s map Spaaaaace where all players had a bow, sword, armor, and 3 stacks of enderpearls. These kits being map specific basically meant that they were entirely useful. They actually prompted quite formulaic strategies. As soon as you figured out the right way to incorporate the kit into the map, it was pretty easy to win every time. Again using Kn0wns space map as an example, the formulaic strategy was to enderpearl spam your way over to the enemy’s core.

    Spaaaaace was considered a Rush Map. There are two other unofficially named map styles as well; Bridge Maps and Resource Maps.

    Bridge Maps- This is the most common type of map. This map requires you to build between islands in order to cross. There is a hazard (void, water, lava) occupying the space between the islands which inevitably is the leading cause of player death. Example- Biomes

    Rush Maps- These maps are typically void free and have a clear and definitive path. The terrain is relatively flat and can be zipped across without bridging. Sometimes you may need to manuevar around a tall obstacle. Games played on these maps are super quick because of how accessible the core is. Example- Pixel Perfect

    Resource Maps- These are the rarest type of map. They are a subversion of Bridge Maps. These maps are huge, and require you to bridge in order to collect resources (like diamonds or an OP item) before the other team does. Your team is then at an advantageous point and has pretty much won the game. Example- Diamond Gap

    "Bridge" by StickWarsLit was the very first DTC map I ever played on! Despite it's name, it is very clearly a Rush Map!

    Now which 2 map styles were killed by kits? Rush Maps and Resource Maps!

    It's a bit obvious as to why Resource Maps aren't compatible with kits. Kits are already pretty powerful on their own. Even obtaining a full set of diamond gear is not very effective against a Melee fighter or a few Archers. If anything it's a negative trade off because you waste time making these materials only to be just barely stronger than another player.
    Back when a players kit was unique to a map, it would make sense to fight for these materials because everybody had the same inventory. Whoever got the stuff in the middle would definitely be stronger than the other players. With kits though, the skillset of the team varies every game for every map. Grabbing resources no longer is crucial on DTC.

    Rush maps are not compatible with kits for different reasons. Rush maps are heavily reliant on spamming bow and sword. For the most part, rush maps were entirely offense. They weren't made for players to defend core. Players are supposed to run arond like maniacs and clash out with the other team in the middle of the map and hopefully a player can slip by the nonsense and bust a core. Kits sacrificed the mindless brutality of a Rush Map for integrity. Rush maps were also easier to play when cores did not contain a beacon. The combination of the beacon and kit makes a Rush Map very long and dull to play on, sometimes resulting in stalemate because the kits are too powerful (or too weak) to allow "rushing" to the middle, and the cores beacon also slow the game down.

    Rip DTC 1.0

    Theory 2 - Tall DTC maps are best!

    I mentioned in the theory above that falling into the void is the leading cause of death in DTC and I'm not kidding about that. Tell me about one game where a player didn't fall into the void. You can't.

    Battling lengthwise is super lame! Really think about it. The enemy is bridging straight towards you and then you shoot them like 8 times because you can't hit them into the void since you aren't at an angled position relative to them. Just when you finally kill them, you try to bridge over and then they respawn and start doing the same thing to you and it just repeats over and over again until finally somebody completes the bridge. The battle just stagnates during this time.

    I think the best way to tackle this "issue" is to build maps that have a lot of varying height. Being able to quickly access high and low areas gives the player an advantageous place of refuge where they can snipe from above, or sneak from below, or whatever. This game play is much more dynamic and action packed than a flat surfaced shootout.


    The only drawback to this is that there are probably some maps the look more attractive with a flat meadowy vibe (like Autumn) but idk. Food for thought.

    Theory 3 - The secret to Quitting BC!

    This one is kind of goofy and laughable, but I still think it should be pointed out.

    Good one Ivy!

    A lot of players in the past have made threads titled "I'm leaving" or "Quitting BC" or "Gone" etc, etc.....
    You know who is most notorious for those kinds of threads?
    THIS GUY!!!!!!! And me and most of those other players who made threads like that returned sometime afterward. For people like us, it is IMPOSSIBLE to escape this server! We always come back to check up and see how everyone is doing after we've been gone for awhile and then BAM! We're addicted and playing 4 hours a day again. But why?
    This loop of being online and offline is super annoying, but it can easily be fixed this way:

    1) Do not publicly announce that you're quitting BC. First off, you'll more than likely want to see how other players react, and you will also look really dumb when you rejoin the server after you told everybody you are gone forever.

    2) Change your Forums password to something like: sdkvuuhzdliuucxzdlcuvisdzhdxdiluvshzfxc1234534 and make sure you do not remember it. The first thing people do before they rejoin the server is they always check their forums account first for any recent activity. If they find any, it will attract them back to the Server. You cant check activity if you don't know your login info!

    3) Spend the whole first day of quitting doing another hobby. I can spend hours drawing one picture. Drawing is the only activity I don't get sick of. Try to not spend all that extra time staring at your phone or at a wall cause then you'll just get bored again and jump right back on the server.

    4) Keep up your new hobby daily and eventually your interests will shift over. It's human nature that we get sick of the same thing everyday. even things we are addicted to. That's why couch potatoes always talk about how they wish they exercised or smoker wish they'd quit cigs. We want positive change.

    Whenever I "quit BC" successfully, my mood improves as a whole. I typically get the desire to quit because I hate staring at computer screens for prolonged hours, but because I find the server so entertaining, that is exactly what I do. My vision is becoming shit because of this heh. But, I finally have enough willpower to actually take breaks as needed now. Do not quit BC if you have no reason to. If you enjoy the server and it isn't causing any external issues, there is no reason to abandon it. This sounds kind of obvious but player threads make it seem like the players are quiitting BC for dumb stuff like "im too old" or short term stuff like "This staff member is annoying".. :mad:

    Let me know what you think!
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    I LOVE Verticality in DTC maps. it's something barely any maps have, and something i've been trying to incorporate into mine. PLEASE BE MORE VERTICAL
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