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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Napkin, Jun 9, 2018.

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    My last theory post ended up reviving the forums and server all within 10 hours of it being posted.... wow. Here are a few more controversies that will be open for discussion!

    BC Theories.jpg

    Theory 1: Player roles play an active part in strong community relationships

    So uh, player roles. The best way I can describe this: Napkin is the mischievous 8-ball, Kash is the douche-bag tiger, Remmi is the sweetheartbpanda, Jeremy is the wishy-washy cow, Kenreao is the heartless robot, Quicksteve is the godly penguin, Dry the inappropriate Rainbow Guy etc.......

    There seemed to be something fun about taking on these server roles. I mean, we were essentially role playing. We definitely all could've been subjected to being banned smh. But pretending to be these online personas are a BIG factor in community interaction, thereby increasing how enjoyable the server is. The player roles and interactions are even what inspired my Napkin Comic series! You can have all your fancy schmancy creative plugins and 40 plot warps, but the servers charm is sparked by the diverse and playful community, and that will always be the driving factor for everything that is ever done by the owners.

    Unfortunately, a lot of us grew older and stopped acknowledging the fact that we're supposed to be a certain animal or object or whatever, and that is completely understandable. I mean, we all still know what each player is supposed to be; the server is small enough to basically never forget... I mean, all my player generation does is BUILD now *groan!*


    Statues I made to show appreciation for my lover; MissRemmi!

    A lot of the current generation players
    (Mid 2016 - Now) seem to be relatively young and playful, and are not actually a bunch of TRASHTALKING HATEFUL DMers like my player generation is. So it's up to them to claim their roles and rebuild Buildcraftia's Community!

    Theory 2: Realms give off a very bad illusion

    Classic BC player 'MrIvy' and I were discussing the server population days ago. It was brought up that before you join the server, the online player count is displayed for example: (9/150). But, when you get online, you only see 5 players in tab. Now if you have been playing on BC in the past two years, you know that chat is linked between the non-minigame servers
    (Creative, Survival, Chaos, Realms). Already, this could throw a new player off, since all players join Creative by default and they can't even find half the players who are talking in chat.

    Now, this "problem" can easily be solved by going on the other servers with /s and checking the tab to validate the player count. But a new player can't be expected to know this, and may even log off before even bothering to ask in chat "Where is everyone?"

    Even players that do have the knowledge to check the other servers, cannot access one server without special permission, and that server is Realms. New players simply cannot enter realms. They're new! Nobody has invited them to their realm 10 seconds after they joined the server for the first time! And, realms players prefer to stay on their realm rather than play on other servers. The problem with that is the new players are already viewing what appears to be a low player count in tab, but also that they aren't really interacting or connecting with realms players with the exception of chat dialogue. They cannot see what a realms player is building, what their skin looks like, who they play with the most etc...


    Wordguy's Realm is a server favorite!

    Obviously we should never get rid of realms. It is literally the servers' money maker as of the reputation update. It is great to have a personal customized world where you do not have to worry about stumbling upon unattractive or empty plots claimed by other players who have been offline for 2+ years that are surrounding your plots. But just something to think about them grays.

    Theory 3: A pattern that all plot themes should follow

    I held this discussion with Alkaline when he asked for my judgement on his plot theme "CherryTop" He was worried about the theme having way too much detail. Normally when building, more detail typically increases the overall attractiveness of you plot or whatever you are building on. The plot themes however, are alternative templates to the original flat plains theme, which can be used to help set a certain mood and can be utilized by players of all ranks and skill level. And despite how nice ALL of them look, they are merely tools, just like WE. You can use these plot themes all you want, but your '6 by 7 oak wood plank shack' is still a '6 by 7 oak wood plank shack'. The point I'm trying to make is that plot themes have the potential to enhance the player's build, so the plot theme should never be too detailed. It might overpower the build!

    My Plot Theme "Black Sand"

    Me and Alkaline decided that a good plot theme should have 65%-70% detail, give or take some. Obviously a plot theme needs some personality to distinguish it from other plot themes, but a plot theme is NOT a build itself! It is simply a base template for builds! We think 65%-70% is enough to enhance a build and not be more prominent than the build. The player can also easily strip away things that they don't want, such as trees.

    Let me know what you guys think!
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    Wtf that is not the font I used.
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  3. FatherFan

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    would probably agree with these points,
    player roles are amazing, consistent role play gives a great impression, always great
    realms bother me, as new players always see the player count on TAB and are like "where is everyone, I got baited!" (perhaps we keep players who go to realms on tab?)
    plot themes are new, i think it'll resolve in time
  4. Napkin

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    I feel like you are the only player who still actively holds his role as server priest lmaooo
  5. Wordguy

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    I feel like a good fix for the realms would be to either do what Fan suggested an find a way to have Realms' tab linked to creative, or make the Realms button in /server actually link to /realms gui instead of honestly being kind of useless
  6. Napkin

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    There was supposed to be a realms hub at one time which I feel they could’ve had all the realms players listed on the hub tab
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  7. Alkaline

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    Theory 1:
    Im not sure if you thought this was a problem with the current community or not. Its an interesting theory but every player you listed has moved on or doesnt play a lot on the server so it didnt help in their case. This sounds more like a personal preference of how you like communicating with other people. The fact is that there can be some people who find things like that to be annoying or even make some players feel like outsiders if they have no "role" or are ignored. Then there are people like me who cant even read into this trash talk as "joking around" which makes me wonder if people are just bullying other players or not (and I feel stupid for always having to ask if its banter or serious)

    I still dont know if this is a problem or personal preference, but no single community is "the" community. The current one might be a bit timid compared to the past but that doesn't mean it has to revert back to the old one. It needs to evolve into a new one that has its own identity.

    Theory 2:
    I don't know if realms is the sole culprit in the player count facade. 90% of the new players dat log on to BC don't even venture further than creative.
    Knowing this you can apply the same problem to any other server apart from Creative since tab doesnt list those either.
    I think ive talked to Azza about this before and there was a plan to merge every player into 1 tab, since the player count isnt that high atm, with a simple structure like.

    [RS] Player1
    [RS] Player2
    [SV] Player3
    [SV] Player4
    [CR] Player5
    [CR] Player6

    Which in my opinion is a win win because people know where other players are located but also know that BC has more than just creative just by hitting tab.
    But i dont know if the shortend names are the best way to do that bc new players wont know what they mean. Its a design problem where you have to balance information design with aesthetics.

    Theory 3:
    No comments on this one ^-^
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  8. Napkin

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    Nah I don’t think Theory 1 is addressing a true urgent problem haha, but I think the roles are definitely what shaped the modern community.
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  9. Wordguy

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    This sounds like an awesome idea!! Maybe we could add something to spawn like a key on how tab works. Maybe we can even just colorcode tab, instead of having ranks colorcoded in tab. For example, creative could be blue, survival could be green, etc.
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