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    This plugin could be quite helpful on the PW Servers, as it is already on Creative and most people use it very often (like me). It is built for 1.10 (again, it's already used on C), and requires the following permissions:

    • astools.command : Permission for the /astools command
    • astools.reload : Permission to reload the plugin with /astools reload
    • astools.use : Permission for using any of the tools
    • astools.clone: Permission to use the clone tool
    • astools.cmdblock: Permission to use the save tool (Create a command block)
    Not only would this be helpful on aesthetics (I use them for food on plates, hanging items, etc), but they could be fairly useful for minigames I plan to build.



    This plugin allows for a player to fly with elytra nearly endlessly (using shift as a booster). It is updated for 1.10, and I'd like to use it for minigames in my world. I would need the following permissions:

    soulelytra.launch :
    • Hold shift for a configurable amount of time, before being launched sky high.
    • soulelytra.constant :
      • Access to unlimited flight.
    • soulelytra.nofall :
      • Allows these players to not take fall damage whilst wearing an elytra.
    • soulelytra.nowall :
      • Allows these players to not take damage from flying into a wall.
    • soulelytra.durability :
      • Removes the durability of the Elytra for this player.

    Once again, this plugin could also be used for a variety of things, but mainly for an elytra-PVP battle I've been considering. Thanks.


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