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    Age & year of birth:
    18. 1999.

    Discord: Your Discord tag (e.g. ItsAZZA#8001)

    Country & Timezone:
    United Kingdom

    Current BuildCraftia Rank:

    Current Reputation:


    - Moderator Application -

    Why would you like to become a Moderator?:
    I feel I could bring a lot of ideas to the table and love to help out other players when and if I can.

    What makes you different to other applicants?:
    Im on almost every day and treat everyone how I wish to be treated.

    Do you have any past experience with moderating?:
    I do not.

    If a user asked you for help, e.g. with plot commands, how would you respond? :
    I would follow up with the correct information they have asked for, and proceed to ask if they need anymore help, and if not, to ask when they do.

    If a user asked you a question you are unable to answer, what would you do?:
    I would either try to find out what they require, or forward them to someone who would know.

    What have you done in the past for BuildCraftia?:
    I have helped a variety of new players with WorldEdit commands along with keeping people motivated.

    What could you do in the future for BuildCraftia?:
    Since I have started, I have had various concepts for BuildCraftia that I feel could make it better, I wish to share these ideas and more that I come up with.


    Additional Information -

    Amount of time a day / week you can come online:
    Between 20-30 hours a week until the end of September, then it would be around 10 hours a week.

    Which of the BuildCraftia server(s) are you most active on?:
    Creative Mode small plots.

    How many staff application have you made previously?:

    Anything else we should know? :
    I work at Maccies but I aspire to be great :)

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