API Update [Week 69]

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    Aaaand they are back. These weekly announcements will tell you what's going on. Anyway, lets jump right in and get you update to speed!

    PrivateWorlds Server


    There hasn't been much news about the planned PrivateWorlds server. This is because we're busy working on it! Up there you can see a sneak peek of the planned spawn. Some features that will probably/maybe be a thing:
    • extremely fast W.E.: literally edit a few million blocks per second
    • all WorldEdit commands
    • VoxelSniper
    • command blocks
    • instant worlds: no longer do you have to wait for the lazy supreme overlord, you can create and delete your worlds in a matter of seconds
    • worlds are just infinite plots now: (Almost) all commands will work as you'd expect them to, minus a few ones that don't make sense on such a big plot
    • more possibilites with worlds: superflat, amplified, custom preset, own world?: no problemo
    • want to play an adventure map with your friends? Just rent a world for a month ($5) or buy it permanently ($50) and you can! This basically means we have Realms, for cheaper and with more possibilites! Yay!
    • Buying or renting is really, really easy: Just buy the item you want (permanent world, 1 day, 10 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days) from the shop and setup your world!
    My birthday


    As some of you people might know my birthday is soon! Yay! To celebrate there's a sale with Coupon PENGUIN running right now, its 25% (or 20% rip my brain) off. Additionally currently in all games you receive 2x the fish (our network currency) in all games! Yay!



    Survival has received a new useful command: /survival f2m <amount>. It will convert x fish into 3x survival money. This process is not reversible, so be careful of how much you convert! Additionally, player shops might be broken because of player name changes, please contact an administrator for assistance!



    Don't worry Mr. Einstein, I have the answer for you here: they are working on our own wiki! We're still looking for contributors though, so if you have decent english skills and are motivated, shoot me a pm and I'll create an account for you so you can start editing away!



    Our amazing Owner Mr. ItsAZZA is working hard on bringing awesome tutorials to you! Soon on his channel you will find tutorials on all the things, for example how to build a house, how to use the plot system to its fullest extent, how to install mods, how to become a better penguin and many more!

    That's all for today (hopefully, if I didn't forget anything), as always have fun playing and see you around!

    AZZA & Quicksteve :penguin:

    PS: 3
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  2. Dusty

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    But, where is paintball? ;-; i cri everytiem
  3. DoctaCirno

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    It's probably never gonna get finished while you're here >;3
  4. werockies

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    week 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    i am 13 i am allowed to do this by federal law
  5. Wordguy

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  6. FatherFan

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    How long is it gonna take for private worlds to be finished?
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  7. Henrik

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    That is my heaven.
  8. PhoenixStudios

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  9. epikplayer

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    Yes, this will make the disneyland project so much easier

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  10. Bins

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    i was gonna do that :C
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  11. werockies

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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  12. LumenFidei

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    Looking great Quicksteve!
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  13. JeremyC

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    Very good work. Thanks for all this!
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  14. Wordguy

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    Also, what texture pack is this? It looks gorgeous!
  15. Quicksteve

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    No texture pack, nice shaders (my poor frames)
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  16. Flex

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    @Quicksteve is the privateworld server bound to a surtain rank or do everyone have to buy access to the world/server?

    Ps: i really like the idea of this!

    Doge approved
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  17. yvagary

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    Are you still looking for contributors??
  18. Quicksteve

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    Yes, would be awesome to get more!
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  19. yvagary

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    I'm not sure how active you need me because I still have four and a half weeks left of school but I can surely do some in my spare time :)
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  20. Lee

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