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    I think we all are aware of ongoing calamity in Aleppo, Syria. The government is killing its own citizens. Tens of thousands of innocent women, men and children have been brutally killed in Syria lately. United Nations have said that this is the “meltdown of humanity”, which I think we can all agree.

    It’s heartbroken to see a presidential election overriding these dreadful events in Syria, for example. That is no one else to blame than ourselves. We are rarely brave enough to talk about these kinds of situations. If it was to happen in your street, even in your country, you would’ve taken an action already.

    We all need to ask ourselves... Where is the love?

    This year, BuildCraftia wants to be part of helping people in Syria. Alone we humans cannot do much, but together we are a great force. This year, we at BuildCraftia, promise to donate 25% of our December donations (all donations made by the Christmas Day) to a charity helping the situation in Aleppo. For every $50 we hit for charity, I’m going to donate $5 personally, from my own funds, as well.

    Doctors Without Borders is going to be our charity of choice. They are helping people all around the globe providing with medical help from voluntaries. Lately, they have been helping the people at Aleppo. You can read more about their work from

    BuildCraftia is no way affiliated with Doctors Without Borders. You can always donate directly to Doctors Without Borders from their website at

    We are also hosting a 25% off sale on our server shop from today until Christmas Day. And as always, have an awesome day at BuildCraftia.
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    Thank you for posting this Azza! I agree totally!

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