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    Hi! I'm Fluff! I'm a 14 year old girl who love to make new frens and build. I love to wander around the server and watch people build (as I can't build at all, cri) I specialize in decorating. I'm known for my decorating skills. I first learned decorating from Remmi and later caught on to other ideas for decorating.

    Here's a favorites thingy..
    Favorite Color: Turquoise
    Favorite Band: Twenty One Pilots
    Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
    Favorite Movie: Wall-E
    Favorite Building Style: Modern
    Favorite Clothing Brand: Old Navy
    Favorite Food: Pretzels

    Here's a Q&A thingy..
    Q: How did you find out about BuildCraftia?
    A: I found it on a server site after hours of searching and joining new servers.

    Q: How did you come up with your first username FluffyFurryPaws?
    A: When I was 7 or 8 when I first got Minecraft, I was looking at my cat Snowflake. She was fluffy and furry. I then looked at her paws and BOOM, my username was born.

    Q: What kind of computer do you use to play?
    A: For the first 2ish years I used a MacBook Pro, but now I use an Acer monitor and tower.

    Q: Are you a cat person or a dog person?
    A: I'm a cat person hands down. No offense dog lovers!

    Q: When you first joined bcsn, who was the first person you met?
    A: The first person I met was Alkaline.

    Q: How many nicknames do you have? Name them
    A: I have a couple, including... Fluff, Fluffy, Fluffz, Floof, Floofy, Floofles, Falaffle, Fluffo,

    Welp, I can't think of anymore questions! If you have some, be sure to comment them on this thread or ask me personally!

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  2. Alkaline

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    Bubble is offended :(

    Also wow. Did not expect you to remember that I was the first to welcome you :D
    I remember helping you build (copy paste) some houses and a store hehe.
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    I wanan do this
  4. WolfPaste

    WolfPaste New Member

    by teh way coowl
  5. RazerH

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    How fluffy is your cat

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