a drawing of me and my dog Chilling™

Discussion in 'Artwork' started by Lee, Feb 25, 2017.

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    here is a drawing of me and my dog charlie
    i think you have all seen her before but just in case this is
    her (she's the brown dog, the little dog is jimmy but he's not in the drawing) (also, i love showing people my dogs they are my Pride and Joy)

    i wasn't going to post it but then i was like Y Not because i wanted a picture in case i ever want to color it in and end up ruining it bc let's face it that happens all the time ):

    the quality's a little bad cuz i took it on my phone which makes it Xtra Big but thats okay lmao ok bye
    ignore the weird hand pls what am i making finger guns in my sleep 4 who do i think i am sum kinda cowboy
    ALSO i forgot to put a line under charlies neck and now it looks like her neck is connected to her arm i fixed it irl and maybe ill change the photo 1 day o well
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